Line Voltage Solutions

Keeping an electrical system up and running is crucial for any business. However, general maintenance and preventative maintenance are often overlooked. That’s why if you’re looking for line voltage installation and maintenance in the SE Wisconsin area, you’ll want to turn to the electrical professionals at Complex. We understand and follow all the strict NEC, SPS codes, and OSHA safety regulations that govern commercial and industrial businesses. Whether your organization is big or small, we will ensure that your line voltage is as safe and reliable as possible.

What is Line Voltage?

Line voltage is the potential difference between two electric wires: 120 volt hot wire and neutral wire at the standard 120 volts. This will become more involved as the voltage increases 120/240/208/480v. In Wisconsin, all lighting and power require proper line voltage. Fortunately, the certified professionals at Complex can help determine the correct voltage for your next project.

We Can Determine Your Power Requirements

It’s important to know how much voltage is required during an installation or remodeling project in order for it to fully operate. Additionally, having knowledge of the required voltage is vital for it to properly function. That said, it may be difficult to determine which option is best for your space. That’s why companies turn to Complex for estimates on how to best utilize power for consumption demand. We’ll install a full electrical system that meets your needs not just for now, but as your business continues to grow in the future.

Can Solar (PV) Save You Money?

YES! A solar panel, or photo-voltaic (PV) module, is a non-mechanical device that converts sunlight directly into electricity. Solar panels may cost money upfront, but they can save you money in the long run. If you’re thinking of alternative power opportunities or want to save on your electrical bill and environment, contact Complex to discuss solar options at your commercial building or residence. We have extensive experience with renewable energy, including solar and wind. In addition, the State of Wisconsin has excellent rebates, enabling you to save on end user costs for installation and maintenance.

Electric Vehicles Charging Station Installation

It’s safe to say that battery-operated vehicles are the way of the future. From the vehicles you see on the road to forklifts and even golf carts, it’s hard not to notice them everywhere you go. Fortunately, Complex has extensive experience installing numerous electrical charging stations in both commercial and residential settings. If you have any questions about installation or cost savings for electric vehicles, we would be more than happy to discuss our process with you.

How Complex Can Help

You’ll keep your business going with the help of trusted commercial electrical systems experts. Complex’s commitment is to render innovative solutions that meet each client’s needs and exceed their expectations. Our skilled electricians offer extensive experience, allowing us to implement a wide array of electrical services for both commercial and residential environments. Whether you need minor electrical repairs or full electrical rewiring, Complex’s trained professionals will provide you with safe and up-to-code electrical solutions.

No matter what your specific needs are, you can count on our experienced team. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial electrical systems services!

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7:00AM – 5:00PM (M-F)