How to Acquire Grant Money from ACT 143

4 May 2018|Comments Off on How to Acquire Grant Money from ACT 143

Schools are a place for children to study and obtain an education, it is also a place they spend most of their day. You expect it to be a place for lifelong learning while also […]

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Milwaukee Alarms: Protect Your Home from Daytime Burglaries

23 May 2017|Comments Off on Milwaukee Alarms: Protect Your Home from Daytime Burglaries

Some residents of Milwaukee need to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Daytime burglaries are on the rise and people away from home and even at home during the day are at risk. If […]

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The Difference Between CCTV and IP Surveillance Cameras

22 May 2017|Comments Off on The Difference Between CCTV and IP Surveillance Cameras

Complex Security Solutions receives requests for CCTV and IP video surveillance cameras, but what is the difference? Many businesses and residences still ask us for CCTV cameras but they are far inferior to using IP […]

About Complex Security Solutions, Inc.

Complex Security Solutions provides design, support, repairs, installation, upgrades, and monitoring of cameras, card access, intrusion alarm, gate security, and security controls systems.  We serve the public and private sectors specializing in education, commercial, and industrial applications.

Our technicians offer over 15 years experience providing consulting, design, and installation services to businesses.

We will recommend, design, stage, deploy, install, support, and monitor your systems today!

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Complex Security Solutions can help balance the ease of access and safety at all of your locations.   By installing, maintaining, and upgrading your facilities with the latest technology in computer based card access systems.  Allows for tracking, recording, and managing single site or multi-site access and restricting access on a door-by-door basis for sensitive areas.

We offer all your locking hardware, with ADA compliance, and special designed systems from 1 to 1500 doors or more.  Various on-site support options are available, as well as equipment monitoring, to ensure your access equipment is functioning as expected.  Complex Security Solutions can handle all your access needs.

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A Complex Security Solutions Professional can provide an effective Intrusion Alarm System for schools, offices, warehouses, or any facility requiring an Intrusion Alarm System.

This coupled with our 24 hour monitoring to our central station makes for a complete Intrusion Alarm System package.

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Our certified Complex Security Solutions Video Management Systems (VMS) Professionals will assess your needs, survey your site, assess your network and design a CCTV, IP, or hybrid video solution that best meets your business requirements.

Complex Security Solutions can create a solution for any need.  From one camera to many with the latest technology’s for schools, commercial, and industrial facilities requiring monitor of employee performance, actions and overall activities that are taking place throughout your facilities in order to provide a safe and secure environment for your organization, students, customers and employees.

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How CSS Cameras Works

Our technicians offer over 15 years of experience providing consulting, design, and installation services to businesses.

Step 1.

Video Cameras Installed

Your strategically located video cameras are capturing important information throughout your business – both inside and out.

Step 2.

CSS Video Recorder

The video information collected from your camera(s) is received through our secure server and stored for your viewing.

Step 3.


All recorded videos are accessible from:


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The Inteli-Site platform is very user-friendly. With new employees or terminations, card access can be added or deactivated quickly.
Ryan F.

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