Some residents of Milwaukee need to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Daytime burglaries are on the rise and people away from home and even at home during the day are at risk. If you’ve been waiting to get an home alarm system now is a great time to purchase. Getting a home alarm system setup will protect you and your home.

How Does a Burglar Alarm Protect My Home?

A home alarm system can be installed within a day. At the end of the install you will have the ability to arm your home while away or even when you are staying inside for the day or night. When you “arm stay” your alarm system you secure all the doors and windows. The motion detectors inside your home will not set off an alarm, but when the burglar opens a window or door the horn will alarm very loudly and the authorities will be alerted.

Having a home alarm system can also help reduce your home insurance by up to 20%. Get the peace of mind with a home alarm system from Complex Security Solutions today.