Having a alarm system is great to ward off burglars. Are you sure it works correctly? How can you be certain? How do you test your alarm system without having the authorities come busting in? Read on for a guide on making sure your alarm system is functioning safely.

1. Read the Manual

It sounds like a straight forward thing to do but many owners just toss the alarm manual. Many alarm system manuals include a section for testing the alarm. For example, Honeywell keypads allow you to enter the user code and push the test button to put the panel into test. In any case, double check the testing instructions in the alarm system manual. It is important to read through the manual before putting the system into a test.

2. Call your Alarm Company

Your alarm company will need to put your system into test. This means the test will not cause any accidental dispatch from authorities.

3. Let Family and Neighbors Know

This is an option in case you have a horn. Most horns and speakers sound at 90dB. That is deafening.

4. Test the Alarm System

Follow the procedures in the manual and put your system in test. Honeywell alarm systems will chime at the keypad for each zone that is tripped. For example, if the door sensor notices the door open the keypad will chirp and then show that the door opened.

After checking every zone or point in the alarm system you should make note of which zones did not function correctly. After testing the zones you can arm the system and trip one of the sensors. If you have a horn, it will sound at this point. Wait about 15 seconds, then disarm and call your alarm company to verify that an alarm was successfully transmitted.

5. Update your Alarm Company Contacts

The final thing is to update your alarm company contacts for your security system. Check with the third party monitoring service and see if they received the alarm. Then verify they have the correct contacts on the list of who to call.

If you run into any issues with your alarm system or would like us to help walk you through don’t hesitate to call Complex Security Solutions at 262-207-4099