Schools are a place for children to study and obtain an education, it is also a place they spend most of their day. You expect it to be a place for lifelong learning while also being a safe and secure environment. It is now required for school districts to further ensure that they have a safe and secure facility for both children and faculty. On March 26th, 2018, Scott Walker signed Wisconsin ACT 143, making it easier for school districts to perform security upgrades. The Act opens access to $100 million in grant money. ACT 143 was approved to ensure that all school districts can protect the students and faculty within their facilities.

A large step in acquiring grant money from the State of Wisconsin, is preparation. Grant writing can be a difficult process, it requires a significant amount of time and resources. First, you will need a proper plan and goal set for the grant. For this grant, a school safety plan must be created for the school district. A school safety plan includes actionable responses to scenarios such as severe weather, lockdown for intruders, school shooters, and fire. Your school safety plan is developed in conjunction with consulting agencies, local police and fire jurisdictions, and the school board. This school safety plan is required before submitting your request for grant money, it is a vital part of the grant. School districts will be required to practice the scenarios in the plan annually. Upon the completion of the prerequisites, the school board must submit the most up-to-date blueprints to local law enforcement. All school safety plans are valid for three years. After your school safety plan is developed and blueprints are compiled your school must then create a proposed plan of expenditure of the grant. This should include things such as card access, secured entrances, security cameras, network video recorders, intrusion systems, and mass notification systems. Any security needs that are present in your school district can be addressed in this
grant, even administrative buildings. When considering your options for the grant, it is best to consult a local security company. Approval of the grant requires asking for exact dollar amounts, ensuring that you only take what you need. Leaving the opportunity for other school districts to fulfill security needs.

Your next step in securing your grant from the state is passing the proposed solutions through your school board and then presenting it to the state. A person within your organization should be designated as the leader of securing the grant. This person should work hand in hand with a grant writer to ensure that all requirements are met at both the local level and state level. This must happen quickly as the deadline for submissions for ACT 143 is July 1st, 2018. All parts of the grant are required to be submitted before this time. Usage of consultants and grant writers is encouraged throughout the process.

From start to finish, the process of securing grant money is both time consuming and tedious. All the steps listed above must be completed by July 1st, 2018 to be considered for the grant. The above listed steps can be completed quickly and efficiently with the usage of security consultants and grant writers. Complex Security Solutions Inc. is offering its consulting services specifically for ACT 143. Complex Security is offering access to grant writers, security plan writers, and security system consultants. If you obtain a bid from Complex Security, and agree to contract Complex Security with all your school districts needs, we will gladly waive the fee and costs associated with ACT 143. Complex Security is prepared to help you every step along the way, making the application process for ACT 143 efficient and worth while.

Complex Security Solutions Inc. was formed in 2014 in Racine, WI. We provide design, support, repairs, installation, upgrades, and monitoring of cameras, card access, intrusion alarm, gate security, and security controls systems. We serve the public and private sectors specializing in education, commercial, and industrial applications. Our technicians offer over 15 years experience providing consulting, design, and installation services to businesses. We currently service the following school districts, Palmyra-Eagle, Herman-Neosho, Racine Unified School District, Lutheran High School Association, Wisconsin Lutheran, Manitowoc School District, and Hales Corners Lutheran Middle. Complex Security specializes in many different security products such as Axis Communications, Genetec Inc. VMS, Milestone, Kantech, Honeywell, Dahua, Avigilon, HID, DSC, OSSI, and Exacq Technologies.

Remember no security plan is foolproof. If you need help preparing your grant, give Complex Security Solutions a call at (262)-207-4099 and take the first step in becoming a safe and secure school district.